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System Brunner INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® Expanded Gamut 7-C

New Instrument Flight technology for color control with up to 7 process colors, CMYK + OGV (Orange, Green, Violet).

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System Brunner INSTRUMENT FLIGHT®: Worldwide 1st G7® Press Control System certification

2016-10-13 Locarno, Switzerland - INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® Color Control Technology from System Brunner adds ability to monitor and control G7 gray balance and tonality on press. The worldwide 1st Press Control System certification...

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Midway Press, Dallas automates color accuracy with INSTRUMENT FLIGHT®

2016-10-12 Locarno, Switzerland - Midway Press Ldt., a leading Dallas-based publication printing company automates color control with the latest inline technology on a recently installed Web press. The press is equipped with...

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Panaprint, Macon powers color accuracy with INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® to G7® standards

2016-10-11 Locarno, Switzerland - Panaprint Inc., Macon (GA) powers both web presses with the latest Instrument Flight Gray Balance control technology from System Brunner in combination with QuadTech inline Color Control System...

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System Brunner drupa 2016 impressions

Visitors from nearly 40 countries have been informed about the System Brunner product solutions and used the opportunity for interesting technical discussions.

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KBA Customers Embrace System Brunner’s INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® Color Control Software with QualiTronic Color Control

KBA printers praise the Instrument Flight system for raising their print quality and color stability to higher levels, making printing more efficient and transparent.

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Top performance in Brazil with System Brunner INSTRUMENT FLIGHT®

2014-09-04 Locarno, Switzerland. In the course of the most comprehensive South American web offset project up until now, Log & Print Gráfica e Logística S.A. in the Brazilian state of Sao Paolo decided for inline color control...

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